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THE PRACTICE OF LIVING AS WE INTEND, is a lifestyle podcast for women hosted by Dannielle Alphonse, founder of ‘D’ shares insight, personal stories and experiences that offer empowering practices to live your life as it was uniquely intended. She teaches that each of our stories have purpose and the ability to refine how we ‘think, do and become.’

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Sep 27, 2017

Episode 33  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

When we initiate change or growth in our lives, and when we are outside of our comfort zone creating ‘new normals’ for ourselves, we are going to come across unexpected circumstances. 

Whatever area that you are specifically working on—a relationship with a...

Sep 20, 2017

Episode 32  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

Have you ever struggled with feeling content just as your life is, right now?

Are you focused on something you miss from your past, or anticipating something specific to take place in your future?

Perhaps one, the other, or both, are keeping you from...

Sep 12, 2017

Episode 31  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

This week I'm asking us both to redefine our perception of what is relevant.

I’m speaking of how we reach to achieve—and perhaps even please ego (to maintain our pride), vs. respecting the latter: a moment, a principle, our individual character or code. And...