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THE PRACTICE OF LIVING AS WE INTEND, is a lifestyle podcast for women hosted by Dannielle Alphonse, founder of ‘D’ shares insight, personal stories and experiences that offer empowering practices to live your life as it was uniquely intended. She teaches that each of our stories have purpose and the ability to refine how we ‘think, do and become.’

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May 3, 2017

Episode 15 The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

Do you feel like you're constantly climbing? Is there something in your life that you are you rushing to complete? What in your life are you pushing forward for, struggling to get to the top of, or trying to figure out?

Today in the podcast we discuss the growth in every climb we endure, and also the need to refine, renew, refresh and learn how to gain speed on the flats.

Join me and listen, reflect and be inspired, as we learn the incredible value behind our 'Why?' and practice Living as we Intend together!

Whether you schedule a few minutes to begin your day or multi-task while listening for needed renewal, I look forward to being a part of your journey—and you a part of mine!

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Our mind is powerful—and it will always believe what we tell it. Oh the time, valuable energy and precious thoughts we spend by negatively evaluating ourselves on the day to day. We think about our lack, or weakness, or our significance within the various roles we carry as individual women. We appraise our value, our impact, need, worth or success, and we believe every word we think or say to ourselves.

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Summary of Podcast:
Ride the Flats

(00:32) Happy May!! I’m feeling a bit fired up today…And I think it’s because I was without technology last week (no computer or iPhone!)

(2:35) One evening we were discussing some of my projects that are in development stages. I was telling him about my timelines, collaborations and goals.

(4:15)Some of you may know I have a passion for athleticism. I was a personal trainer and cycling instructor for fun on weekends and evenings when I lived in Ann Arbor, MI.

(5:25) When you think of climbing what do you think of? It’s hard work, right? It’s slow and takes a lot of effort. It can be strenuous.

(6:34) “The basic science suggests that you are best to work hard when you are battling up hills or facing into a headwind than when you are speeding along an easy flat section or a downhill part.

(7:47) And do you want to know how they train to better their climbing skills?

(8:55) We can’t possibly learn how to be able to pedal flat out on a climb and make real gains if we’re always climbing…

(10:02) We don’t always have to be climbing. And quite frankly we can’t and there is no gain in it anyway.

(11:32) And I’m raising my hand over here and sharing that I can get stubborn and forget what it takes to climb. Sometimes my hustle mentality thinks I not only need to climb, but I need to do it quickly—and I’m missing the point!! I’m missing the process.

(12:50) Stop wearing yourself out and stop looking around at what others are doing.

(14:00) Learn to develop a cadence that works for you. There are seasons in your life when you’re going to have to dig deep and the pedal strokes are going to be more difficult. Which to me means that to set yourself up for success, you have to intentionally reserve seasons to save energy and prepare.

(15:43) There is and will be no perfect ride.

(17:33) What in your life are you rushing to complete? Or what in your life are you pushing forward, struggling to get to the top of, or trying to figure out?


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