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THE PRACTICE OF LIVING AS WE INTEND, is a lifestyle podcast for women hosted by Dannielle Alphonse, founder of ‘D’ shares insight, personal stories and experiences that offer empowering practices to live your life as it was uniquely intended. She teaches that when we ignite our awareness, we awake freedom and the ability to refine how we ‘think, do and become.’

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Nov 10, 2017

Episode 37  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

In this episode, we are going to discuss how to keep freedom uniquely unfolding in our lives. Get ready for some laughs as I share a personal story (my marriage proposal)...

We are going to talk about our attachment to how we specifically see our life playing...

Oct 26, 2017

Episode 36  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

In this episode we are going to talk about creating movement toward becoming all that you are. What do you do with difficult experiences? How do you move on, or let go from something that you are holding on to? Are there new ways to think about each transition in...

Oct 19, 2017

Episode 35  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

Snow globes and fires—yep, each of these have something to do with this week's podcast!
I am very excited to have a discussion with you about a practice  that has truly shifted my perspective.
Looking forward to connecting in this episode,

Be you, and...

Oct 5, 2017

Episode 34  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

Hello and Herete!!....from the beautiful country of Greece!

What a pure joy it is for me to connect with you during my travels abroad. I am feeling blessed, refreshed and truly open to receiving all the goodness that surrounds me from day-to-day. And might I...

Sep 27, 2017

Episode 33  The Practice of Living as we Intend Podcast

When we initiate change or growth in our lives, and when we are outside of our comfort zone creating ‘new normals’ for ourselves, we are going to come across unexpected circumstances. 

Whatever area that you are specifically working on—a relationship with a...